Evolving Fish Intelligence


  • After clicking the water to bring the widget into focus the "F" key can be pressed to toggle between fast mode and simulation mode. Because fast mode will finish the current generation before exiting, there may be a delay upwards of one or two minutes before switching back to simulation mode.
  • Clicking on the fish will kill them, allowing you to evolve population as you see fit.

Video Demo

  • Both the fish's intelligence and colour can evolve.
  • Without interaction the fish will naturally evolve to become smarter, but no selective pressure is placed on fish colour, until the user interacts.
  • The more a fish eats the larger it grows.

Browser Support

  • Chrome - This is a chrome experiment and hence works best with Google Chrome. The Chrome browser is free, so download it here.
  • Firefox - Works, but is slower than Chrome.
  • Opera - Works.
  • Internet Explorer - Not supported.


  • If the simulation is running slowly, you can create a smaller simulation by making your browser window smaller than the simulation canvas box and reloading the page. This will reduce the size of the simulation canvas, as well as, the number of fish and food dots simulated.
  • This project was largely inspired by AI - Junkie, so pay them a visit.